Student Services

Trans American training facilities are located in Lackawanna County about 12 miles north of Scranton, PA. The institute owns and maintains a fleet of tractors (five, seven, nine, and ten speed transmissions) and flat bed, dump, lowboy, and van trailers 28 feet in length.

Video and audio materials, technical magazines, manuals, transportation industry information, and National Safety Council defensive driving techniques are all part of the technical library of materials available to all students. A six piece tractor training and testing computerized simulator system is used as part of the tractor trailer driver curriculum.

The Institute is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation as a third party tester for Commercial Driver Licensing and Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Food & Lodging

All expenses incurred while traveling to and from training and expenses for food and lodging while in training shall be borne by the student.

Selection and approval of housing facilities is entirely at the option of the student. Rules and regulations are established by the housing landlord, not the school.


Each student is assigned a staff advisor who may or may not be their instructor as well. It is the desire of the Institute that the advisor assist students in their charge to establish and maintain a pleasant and efficient adjustment to the training program.

Training Records

Students progress records for field and classroom are completed on a weekly basis. Marginal students are informed of their status and will be given one training week to improve. Student's may review their personal training report upon request to the Director of Training.


Classroom progress is based primarily upon the numerical system of 100% with a minimum of 70% required. Field work is graded on a satisfactory basis as determined by each individual instructor. Tractor Trailer testing is in accordance with the Pennsylvania and U.S. Department of Transportation Commercial Driving Licensing (CDL) Procedures.

Grading Systems Testing Scores Evaluation

A = Excellent = 4.0

B = Good = 3.0

C = Average= 2.0

D = Poor= 1.0

F = Failure = 0.0

90-100 = A

80 - 89 = B

70 - 79 = C

60 - 69 = D

Below 60 = F

A = Excellent

S = Satisfactory

U = Unsatisfactory



CDL Testing Requirements

Trans American Technical Institute will provide each student with a road trip test up to three times if needed. There is a one time fee for these services of $100.00

Diploma Awarded

In order to graduate, students must complete the total hours stipulated in the course description, must maintain a classroom grade average of 70% or better, and must receive a satisfactory evaluation in road and range training. Upon meeting these objectives, a Diploma will be awarded by the Institute. The individual will also attain his Commercial Driver's License.

Probationary Period

Any student who is observed to be marginal by the instructor and the Director of Training will be informed of their status and will be placed on probation for a period of one training week. The Director of Training will again review their progress at the end of this period for final determination of the student's progress.


Students dismissed from the Institute for unsatisfactory progress will not be eligible for re-admission unless approved by the School Director.

Class Size

The cabs of the trucks are modified to allow five persons to ride over-the-road at the same time (one instructor and four students). The 1-4 ratio of this mobile instructional unit also allows for individualized and a maximum amount of student driving practice. Classroom instructors can accommodate classes up to 50 students; however the average class size has been 30. Classes in the simulator room are limited to 6 students to 1 instructor.

Trans American Technical Institute-Student Services