Attendance & Conduct

Prompt and regular attendance at the training session is required and expected. Attendance records are kept for each student. Serious illness or death of an immediate relative are the only acceptable reasons for leave-of-absence. Excessive absences may be cause for dismissal. Any student absent from class for three (3) consecutive days, without prior approval, must seek re-admittance from the School Director.

Time and instruction lost due to an approved absence may be made up at a later date without penalty. Make up work must be acceptable before the completion of the course.

Should the student's actions or grades fail to meet the school standards, the student may be terminated. Any student not receiving a passing grade or any student requiring additional training upon completion of the course will be offered an opportunity for further evaluation and instruction with permission from the School Director. This Service is provided at no additional charge for training.

A student may be dismissed for unsatisfactory conduct during the training phase. Unauthorized absences, lack of cooperation, tardiness, failure to comply with the course requirements, use of alcohol or drugs at the training facility constitute justifiable action or necessitating dismissal, nor is gambling permitting on the training grounds. Reinstatement of a dismissed student at a future date will be carefully considered in keeping with the individual circumstances and must be approved by the School Director.

Trans American Technical Institute-Attendance